Sonoma’s Climate & Environmental Sustainability Accomplishments

For more information about the City's efforts and additional resources, please visit the Sustainability Page.


  • Solar Power is getting popular! Over 14% of Sonoma homes now have rooftop, solar photovoltaic energy systems.
  • Clean Energy. Currently, 86.9% of residential and commercial customers are subscribing to Sonoma Clean Power’s CleanStart energy option, which is 91% carbon free.
  • Better Lighting. The City and state have replaced all the legacy street lights and traffic safety lights with energy efficient LED lights. Replacing the 25 traffic safety lights reduces annual CO2 emissions by 11,600 lbs and upgrading the 1,100 street lights reduces annual CO2 emissions by 180,000 lbs. And, LED lights can last up to three times longer meaning lower replacement costs.
  • Even Faster. Did you know Sonoma has adopted expedited permitting for solar systems and battery storage systems?

Alternative Transportation

  • Free Transit. You can now ride the Sonoma Shuttle (Route 32) “fare free.” In the first year alone ridership on Route 32 increased by 55%. Our community had the 2nd highest ridership increase in the county. Go Sonoma!
  • Alternative Vehicles. Currently 11.4% of all vehicles registered in Sonoma are hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electrical. And, the City offers expedited permitting for electric vehicle charging ports and stations.
  • Carbon-Free Pedal Power. The city has 8.3 miles of bike paths, lanes, and routes and 70 bicycle parking spots at 55 locations.

Water Conservation

  • Cash for Turf. The city provides cash rebates for the removal of turf thereby reducing the need for irrigation and reduced energy consumption. Since 2014, 125,589 square feet of turf has been removed under this program.
  • Landscaping for Water Conservation. The Sonoma Garden Park has a low-impact demonstration garden showcasing such design features as rain water harvesting, drought resistant plantings, and porous surfaces. While you are there, check out their pollinator garden and buy some hyper local eggs and vegetables.
  • Free Conservation Devices. Sonoma provides customers with free low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and automatic hose shutoffs. You can also pick these up next time in you are in City Hall*.

Waste Reduction

  • Reuse: Better than Recycling. Did you know there are 3 thrift stores* and 1 consignment shop* in Sonoma where you can bring reusable clothes, furniture, and household items?
  • Recycle Old Paint. You can drop-off unwanted, leftover paint for recovery and recycling at Kelly-Moore located at 18506 CA-12.
  • Unwanted/Expired Pharmaceuticals. You can drop-off any unwanted and expired drugs/pharmaceuticals or vaping cartridges for safe and proper disposal inside the Sonoma Police Department*.

*Due to the Coronavirus Emergency and City Hall is open by appointment only.


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