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Vegetable Starts at the Farmers Market

Other Climate & Sustainability Actions

There are a variety of other climate and sustainability actions that foster community environmental sustainability. The actions can directly and indirectly reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, many of these also provide various co-benefits such as improved recreation opportunities, sustainable tourism, improved wildlife habitat, access to local fresh food, and supporting our local economy.

Below are various resources to help you save energy including Climate & Sustainability Actions Tools, Climate & Sustainability Actions, and Climate & Sustainability Actions FAQs.

Climate & Sustainability Actions


Plant a native, drought tolerant tree


Grow some vegetables


Visit one of Sonoma’s multiple farmer’s markets


Help keep Sonoma’s environment clean by picking up litter

Climate & Sustainability Action FAQs

Yes, community gardens are available at Sonoma Garden Park.

Sonoma has 16 parks encompassing 79.15 acres and 2 open space preserves encompassing 98.75 acres.

The City’s referendum-approved leaf blower ordinance prohibits use of gas-powered leaf blowers.  Electric leaf blowers may be used Monday through Saturday (excepting holidays) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Additional information can be found in this summary of the City’s leafblower ordinance.

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