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Sort It Sonoma! Commercial Generator Requirements

State and local waste sorting requirements for commercial generators include:

  • Organic materials (compostables) include all food scraps (vegetable and fruit ends, meat, bones, dairy, grain etc.), yard debris (leaves, plants, grass clippings, etc.), food-soiled paper without any plastic coatings or linings (napkins, tissue, paper towels), and untreated wood.
  • Subscribe to regular collection service of organic materials in addition to recycling and trash.
  • Provide containers for the collection of organic materials and recycling in all areas where trash containers are located, except for restrooms.
  • Prohibit employees from placing organic materials in the recycling or trash.
  • Periodically inspect recycling and organic material containers and inform employees if contamination is found.

Reference: California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 14, Divison 7, Chapter 12 “Short-lived Climate Pollutants” Section 18984.9 Organic Waste Generator Requirements

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