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Recycling & Waste Reduction

The prevention and elimination of solid waste is a critical step in sustainability. The production of goods is one of the main contributors to global climate change. Avoiding the purchase of single-use items reduces the upstream impacts (the production side) and the downstream impacts (waste, litter, and marine pollution). And, greenhouse gas pollutants are generated when organic materials (e.g., food waste, paper-based items, plant debris, and wood) are landfilled.

Below are various resources to help you reduce waste including Recycling & Waste Reduction Tools, Recycling & Waste Reduction Actions, and Recycling & Waste Reduction FAQs.

Recycling & Waste Reduction Actions


Refuse/Avoid single-use plastics including shopping bags, straws, water bottles, and polystyrene food containers


Reduce the generation of food waste and try backyard composting food waste


Reuse functioning products by donating them to thrift stores or to a neighbor


Repair stuff rather than throwing it away and buying something new


Recycle properly and avoid contaminating recyclables with trash

Recycling & Waste Reduction FAQs

Zero waste refers to products that are designed, used, and managed at the end of life, based on the waste reduction hierarchy (prevent waste, reduce and reuse first, then recycle and compost) in a concerted effort to avoid disposal.

These items are not recycled in Sonoma so they need to be properly disposed of.

You can drop-off unwanted, leftover paint for recovery and recycling at Kelly-Moore Paints at 18506 CA-12.

You can drop-off any unwanted and expired drugs/pharmaceuticals for safe and proper disposal inside the Sonoma Police Department.

Yes, these items are not recyclable but are compostable provided they do not contain hazardous materials (e.g., cleaners, motor oil, etc.).

Please do NOT place plastic shopping bags in your curbside recycling tote.

The best option is to avoid getting new bags. But if that is not possible, try to reuse them or you may be able to donate them for reuse by local thrift stores. Otherwise, there are receptacles for recycling your plastic bags at Whole Foods Sonoma.

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