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Sort It Sonoma! Resident Requirements

State and local waste sorting requirements for residents include:

  • Required to properly sort/segregate organic materials (compostables) into the green cart, recyclables into the blue cart, and trash/landfill into the grey cart.
  • Compostables include all food scraps (vegetable and fruit ends, meat, bones, dairy, grain etc.) , yard debris (leaves, plants, grass clippings, etc.), food-soiled paper without any plastic coatings or linings (napkins, tissue, paper towels), and untreated wood.

For more information on what should go into your green, blue, and gray carts, visit the Sonoma Garbage Collectors website.

For more information on disposing miscellaneous items or Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) such as paint, batteries, and lightbulbs, visit the Zero Waste Sonoma website.

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