Outdoor Displays of Merchandise

Outdoor merchandise displays are a way to highlight your merchandise and attract passers-by.  Display of merchandise outside your store requires a Use Permit from the City’s Planning Department. You will need to provide a site plan showing that there is sufficient clearances for pedestrians (including those with disabilities), and provide proof of insurance naming the City as additional insured.

Limitations on the size of the display include a total footprint of no more than 16 square feet per business, a maximum display height of 7 feet, and extension of the display from the adjacent storefront of no more than 2 feet.  Larger displays can be approved by the Design Review & Historic Preservation Commission.

Merchandise display hours are limited to the operating hours of the business and the display must be kept clean, attractive, and safe. Outdoor merchandise display permits are good for up to one year.  Contact Planning Department staff for more information.

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