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Recognizing the vast knowledge and talent of our community, the City asks individuals to serve on a variety of commissions and committees. These commissions and committees are charged with focusing on key issues within Sonoma and to then provide feedback, recommendations and support to the Council on those issues. Earlier in the year, the City Council identified a need to review their local appointment process for commissions and committees. After many hours of consideration, the City Council has given direction on a new process and formal adoption will occur in October.

The new appointment process will be implemented in two phases – beginning with the Planning Commission now with appointments in November. The remainder of the Commissions and Committees will be advertised in November/December 2017 with a January appointment process for a February 1, 2018 start date.

For the Planning Commission, the new appointment process is proposed to be as follows:

  • Continue with 7 members on the Planning Commission with one alternate position.
  • 5 positions will be appointed by individual Council Members and the Council as a whole will vote on the two At-Large members and one Alternate position. 
  • No formal interviews will be held. Updated new on-line applications will be accepted and reviewed. The attachment of resumes to the application is encouraged.
  • Individual Council appointees will serve terms that are aligned with the Council Member who appointed them and all others will serve four year terms.

The City is excited to announce that applications can now be submitted electronically through the City’s Civic Web Portal. You can access the application by clicking on the Commission and Committees tile. As a recruitment period opens, a button will appear allowing the submission of applications. Paper applications will still be accepted and are available in the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, No. 1 The Plaza

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