Treasure Artist

About the Award

The City of Sonoma Cultural and Fine Arts Commission's  (CFAC) Treasure Artist Award Program was established in 1983. This distinguished award  celebrates exceptional achievements in various artistic disciplines, including the performing, visual, or literary arts. Additionally, the award recognizes the recipient’s significant contributions and involvement within the Sonoma Valley community.

Sonoma Treasure Artist Award recipients are celebrated with a series of special tributes throughout the year that underscore the significance of their contributions. A public reception hosted by the CFAC is held in their honor where they are bestowed with the coveted “Key to the City.” This symbolic gesture represents their unique status as ambassadors of creativity within the Sonoma community. Furthermore, the honorees are given the opportunity to showcase their artwork in the City Council Chambers as part of the Revolving Temporary Art Program. In addition, Treasure Artists are also invited to take part in the much-beloved Sonoma Old Fashioned 4th of July Parade, where they ride as esteemed guests.

Award Recipients

Year Name Medium
2024 Victor Ferrer Dancer, Founder and Executive Director of Grupo Folklórico Quetzalén
2023 Jaime Love Theater, Founder of Sonoma Arts Live
2022 Pat Meier-Johnson Painter
2021 & 2020  Betty Ann Ka’ihilani Bruno Dancer, Performer
2019 Cynthia Tarr Music Director, Performer
2018 Barbara McElroy Musician, Conductor, Teacher
2017 Peter Hansen Filmmaker
2016 Dick Cole Watercolor Artist, Illustrator
2015 Barbara White Perry Artist, Author
2014 Thena Trygstad Artist, Teacher
2013 David Aguilar Musician
2012 Barbara Jacobsen Visual Artist and Teacher
2011 Dennis Ziemienski Teacher, Painter, Muralist
2010 Gayle Manfre Teacher, Artist, Muralist
2009 Lin Lipetz Painter, Ceramicist, Instructor
2008 Linda Rawls Costume Designer
2007 Richard Schneider Musician, Founder of the Hometown Band
2006 Janis Kobe Illustrative Artist, Teacher
2005 Keith Wicks Painter
2004 Roger & Diana Rhoten Theater, Teachers
2003 Chester Arnold Artist, Teacher
2002 Cynthia Hipkiss Ceramicist
2001 Beth Marie Deenihan Dance
2000 Jim Callahan Sculptor
1999 Kate Kennedy Actress, Director, Teacher
1998 Beverly Prevost Ceramicist
1997 Ray Jocobsen Painter
1996 Antoinette Kuhry Founder Sonoma City Opera
1995 Jo Anne Connor-Metzger Musician
1994 Stanley Mouse Painter
1994 Fred Parker Painter
1993 James Griewe Choral Conductor
1992 Norton Buffalo Musician
1991 Linus Maurer Cartoonist
1990 Otto Hitzberger Sculptor
1989 Helene Minelli Painter
1988 C. Carl Jennings Metalsmith
1987 Irma Wallem Writer
1986 Dan Ruggles Musician
1985 Anthony Stellon Sculptor
1984 M.F.K. Fisher Writer
1984 James Vanderbilt Painter
1983 Marian Brackenridge Sculptor
1983 Ted Christensen Painter
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